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GGE #020: Rebecca Tracey On How NOT To Quit Your Day Job

podcast for women entrepreneurs doing business online

“If you’re not excited to get up and do the work then you’re probably not doing the right work.” ~ Rebecca Tracey 

a podcast for women entrepreneurs

Rebecca Tracey

Rebecca Tracey wants you to have a threesome with clarity, confidence, and action. Actually, that would make it a foursome but who’s counting? Rebecca’s concern is that you get up off your ass and just do something that will move you forward. She started while on a road trip.  Back then she worked one day a week and traveled the rest. She tells us why having a location independent career was her top priority.

Also in this episode we talk about:  

  • Why you must have a coach when you’re in business;
  • Rock climbing (hey! it’s good for business);
  • What waitressing taught her about being an entrepreneur;
  • Why play is so important when you’re working.

Show Notes and Resources:

About Rebecca Tracey

The Uncaged Life

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GGE # 019: Gai Comans on How to Survive and Thrive After Breast Cancer

podcast for women entrepreneurs

“No matter what I was told I was always focused on, ‘I’ll prove you wrong.’” ~ Gai Comans

podcast for women entrepreneurs

Gai Comans

Gai Comans was a “corporate perfectionist” when, at the age of 38, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and given a one-in-ten chance of survival.

One. In. Ten.

It’s been nearly 15 years since her doctors handed her that death sentence and not only did Gai survive the odds, she is thriving. Saying goodbye to her corporate identity has turned her into an entrepreneur on a mission to show other women how to defy the odds.

Also in this episode we talk about: 

  • How standing on a bridge in Florence, Italy was the moment that set Gai free;
  • Why she’s taking a group of women back to Tuscany, to that very same bridge;
  • How her diagnosis took her out of corporate and into the world of entrepreneurialism;
  • How Gai’s shift from survival to living took every ounce of courage and strength;
  • The day Gai realized she could be an inspiration for women like her–women who’ve been told to get their “affairs in order.”

Show notes and resources: 

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