Dignity Missing? I know where it’s hiding.

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Got Dignity?

I’m Lin Eleoff, Master Certified Life and Weight Coach.

home page picI work with smart, energetic, successful women who are frustrated, angry, and confused about weight gain and menopause.  You know… the stuff that makes you feel stuck between a rock and a hot flash? Is that you?  If so, then you’re in the right place!

It’s about time we met. I’m a lot like you. I understand that whole rock/hot flash thing.  Really. 

Here’s what I suggest:

Step #1:  Get the How To Lose Weight With Dignity Cheat Sheet.  It’s based on my book, The Dignity Diet: How to End the Cycle of Cry-Eat-Repeat. If you want to start losing weight now, follow the Cheat Sheet and thank me later. (Let’s get this New Year’s resolution checked off before the New year.) 

Step #2:  Send me an email.  Yes.  Please.  I’m a real, live person who cares about you.  I want to know three things about you immediately.   1. Who are you?  Tell me a bit.  2. What’s the hardest thing about losing weight for you?  3. What is the result you most want? Why?  Send that email to me and I will reply and connect:  Lin @ LinEleoff.com 

Step #3:  If you start applying the cheat sheet and need some extra help, if you email me and we love each other (duh),  then, it’s time to sign up for my flagship course: The Dignity Diet Program, based on my book, The Dignity Diet: How to End the Cycle of Cry-Eat-Repeat.  The program starts November 17th.  This four week program will take you through the four stages of losing weight (yes, there are four, and you can’t hop and skip over any of them) and give you all the tools and support you need to kick start your weight loss and keep it going for as long as it takes.  It’s live. It involves coaching and tools and application of everything you learn… plus accountability.  More details to follow. 

If you have any questions, ask away… as long as they don’t involve calculus or physics. 

Let’s do this. We were meant to be together. 

Here’s my email: Lin (at) LinEleoff.com