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When You Get Stabbed In The Back Make Lemonade

Trust me, I know how it sounds… “stabbed in the back.”  Hyperbolic. Inflammatory. Headline grabbing. Dramatic. But it’s true, I was recently stabbed in the back by a feather that, at the time, felt like a BC 41 Commando Knuckleduster dagger! Ouch, Charlie, that hurt. Here’s what happened: A woman whom I had considered at the very […]


Girlfriends Fill The Spaces Between The Spaces

In a recent blog article I asked, “Who would we be without our girlfriends?” This is how I answer the question in one word: Incomplete.  Yes, I know, I complete myself and all that yada yada yada, but as much as I enjoy my own company (and I truly LOVE my alone time), my relationships–the truly […]


The Unf*ckwithable Feminist: A Feminine A Rant

I just heard a woman apologize because she thought it was “un-feminist” to be worrying about the fact that her house was a disaster and that the laundry was piled so high it was starting to stink. She said she and her husband believed in “equality” and that neither insisted that the other do laundry. He said […]


Who Would We Be Without Our Girlfriends?

I absolutely love and adore my girlfriends. The funny ones. The tall ones. The “petite” ones. The super smart ones. The messy ones. The savvy ones. The successful ones. The struggling ones. The sarcastic ones! I love them all. I see me in all of them (except for the tall ones; especially the sarcastic ones). The […]


How To Save Yourself From “The Land of WTF”

You’ve been there, of course you have. It’s called The Land of WTF and it’s a bugger! Think of The Land of WTF as a rite of passage for every human being who thought starting a business would be a great idea! In reality, it can be more like hell on earth. It sends you deep […]


How To Go Through The Grind Of Your Business With Grace

I ask myself a question each day before I start my work: Grace, or Grind? Which one will I choose today? It is a reminder to me that being a grace-full entrepreneur is a deliberate choice. When I forget to deliberately choose it, I invariably lose it. It’s so easy to get caught up in The Grind. To get […]

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