12. Entrepreneur and Trainer Cassye Delphy on Getting Her Priorities Straight

“I got sucked into the vortex of motherhood and it scared the crap out of me.”  ~ Cassye Delphy

Cassye Delphy

Cassye Delphy

What happens when motherhood sucks you into a vortex and you don’t even know you’re in it until, one day, you look in the mirror and don’t recognize the woman who’s looking back at you? Cassye Delphy is an example of one of the things you can do when you “wake up” from the vortex. She was 41 when she looked in that mirror and realized she had lost herself. That sent her on a mission that ultimately led to her becoming an accidental entrepreneur and creator of 43fitness.com. 

Here’s what we talk about: 

  • That damn vortex!
  • What happens when a 41 year old mama gets her mojo back.
  • The worst two years of her life… and how they led her to freedom.
  • How she got her priorities straight, got in shape, and created a business in the process.

Listen up!

Show notes and resources: 

  • Cassye says she, like so many moms, drank too much of the “this is what a mother should do” Koolaid. That’s what she says “screwed up” her priorities. She says her message, when it comes to her business, is that we must never let go of who we are. I love this woman!
  • Cassye’s website
  • Cassye’s great guns!

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