18. Life Coach Jeannette Maw on Passion, Productivity and The Law of Attraction

“The only reason we ever want anything is because of how we think it’s going to make us feel when we have it.” ~ Jeannette Maw

Jeanette Maw

Jeanette Maw

Curious about how to use the law of attraction to create a business you love and that makes money? Jeannette Maw doesn’t believe in traditional marketing; she has no intention of going out to get clients–she intends for people to find her, instead.

And it works! Jeannette is a highly successful “good vibe” coach who considers walking her dog as a routine part of being an entrepreneur. Why? Because she believes that whatever feels good is what gets you to a happy ending.

It’s all about “vibration management” and it’s fascinating conversation that’s filled with some woo woo, tears, and Jeanette’s infectious laugh.

Also in this episode we talk about: 

  • Finding your passion is like going on a treasure hunt.
  • How finding her passion cost Jeannette some friendships.
  • The secret behind productivity.
  • How the law of attraction (LOA) can help you grow your business.

Show notes and resources: 

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