19. Entrepreneur Jessica Kupferman on Life Coach Branding and More

“I don’t need to be nice. I don’t care if I’m nice. I care about making a point.” ~ Jessica Kupferman

Jessica Kupferman

Jessica Kupferman

One look at Jessica Kupferman and you know that what you see is what you’re going to get–and then some. Jessica is the face behind Lady Business Radio. She loves to talk about branding–she’s rebranded herself 6 times since launching her online business after working for the car company Subaru over a decade ago. Jessica calls herself a “multipotenialite” and now that’s what I’m going to call myself!

Here’s what we talk about in today’s episode: 

  • What to do if you’re having a hard time figuring out what your passion is;
  • Why she loves TV commercials more than the shows she’s watching
  • What’s missing from most coaches’ websites and how that results in lost revenue.

Show notes and resources: 

You can also listen in iTuneswhere you’ll find all previous episodes, includes The One About Harriet Lerner; The One About Brooke Castillo; The One About Sue Ann Gleason; The One About Andrea Owen, The One About Jen Louden; and so many other gutsy glorious women.

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Okay, it’s back to putting the final touches on my book, The Dignity Diet: How to End the Cycle of Cry, Eat, Repeat Without Resorting to Madness, Mayhem, or M&M’s (coming to Amazon soon!).

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