11. Life Coach Erin Postle on Beating Imposter Syndrome

“What if there was more out there for me?” ~ Erin Postle

Erin Postle

Erin Postle

Have you ever thought you were suffering from “Imposter Syndrome”? Erin Postle says she had a bad case of it: She called herself a weight loss coach and yet she herself was twenty pounds overweight. Her cure: to hide. In fact, Erin says she has always lived in fear about what other people thought about her.

And then one day she woke up. The real cure for Imposter Syndrome, says Erin, is the willingness to get vulnerable, and that’s exactly what she did. And she did it big: she went on YouTube and let it all out. Here’s what we talk about: 

  • The Oprah Show that made her stand up and say, “Whoa!”
  • Leaving her job making $80,000 a year — only to make $15,000 as a coach and the limiting beliefs that kept her feeling “small.”
  • The courage it took to finally call herself a “weight loss coach.”
  • The guts it took for her to show her vulnerable side (hint: a lot).

Listen in as this Gutsy Glorious Entrepreneur tells how she turned fear into a six-figure coaching practice by trading in one F-word (Fear) for another (Freedom). 

Show Notes and Resources: 

Erin’s website 

“The Secret” on Oprah

The You Tube video that changed everything.

Simon Sinek TED talk

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