2. Extreme Self Coaching for The Life Coach and Legal Basics for Websites

The Real Business of Being a Life CoachToday’s hot topics:

1. Extreme Self Coaching: for coaches who are ready to take thought work to a whole new level of “deep.”

2. Website Legal: the docs you absolutely must have on your website in order to cover your assets online.

Hey Coach!

Ready to take a deep(er) dive into your own mind? Think you’re up for it?

Because the only thing that’s keeping you from creating your badass-to-the-bone business is what’s happening upstairs, in your noggin/noodle/gray matter/head space. You may think it’s because you’ve got too much to do, but that’s just your mind giving you another head-fake; it wants you spin; it wants you to keep circling the drain. Why? Because that’s what it does best. It’s literally been trained to do that.


There’s a part of your mind that doesn’t want to be in business. It doesn’t want the responsibility.

So we’ve got two things going on: 1) Your heart’s desire to be your own boss AND 2) your mind’s constant attempts to sabotage that desire.

That’s what we dive into on today’s episode of Gutsy Glorious Radio.

We’re also going to “get legal with it” after I put on my “lawyer hat” to talk to you about the bare-bones-basics when it comes to the legal docs you simply must have on your website in order to “cover your assets online.” This is the part where your mind says, “No! I don’t wanna. It’s too much work.” Meanwhile, your personal assets are exposed and your liability exposure is big.

You’ve got to cover up, and today I show you where to start.

After all, your business is your baby–you need to protect it.

Listen up, Coach. Business just got real.

Oh, and don’t forget to download a copy of the Ultimate Business + Legal Checklist: How to Cover Your Assets Online. It walks you step-by-step through the entire process of setting up your online business.

See you on the podcast!

Hey Coach. I made you something. It’s my 46 STEP Checklist, based on my book, Gutsy Glorious Life Coach: How to Turn Your Life Coaching Practice Into A Soulful Money-Making Business.  Download the checklist for free and enjoy the podcast!

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