10. Life Coach Susan Hyatt on Risking Her Ego

“Just because you’re really good at something doesn’t mean you should do it.”  ~ Susan Hyatt

Susan Hyatt

Susan Hyatt

Susan Hyatt, life coach, author, and creator of the Life is Delicious group coaching program, says she learned the hard way that being good at something wasn’t good enough and she had an extra 35 pounds on her body to prove it. Susan explains that it wasn’t until she was willing to risk her ego that she could find the guts to create a business that allowed her to be a mom and an entrepreneur. Susan is the face behind IdealLifeDesign and says her mission is to get women on the “highway to happy.” Here’s what we talk about: 

  • How motherhood can change the best-laid plans
  • What it was like meeting Oprah
  • How a sexual assault and subsequent pregnancy in her early twenties taught her that there’s nothing she can’t survive.

Show notes and resources: 

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