New To Gutsy Glorious Life Coach? Welcome… We’ve Been Waiting For You!

Dear Coach,

You are now officially a “GUTSY.”

(This assumes you’ve joined our private Facebook group… if you haven’t, you can do that HERE.)

Welcome to this amazing tribe of women with the same vibe.

Whether you’re brand new to our tribe or you’ve been here for a while (and still find it all a little overwhelming, perhaps?), here’s what I suggest you do first:

gutsy glorious life coachSTEP 1: Make sure to turn your Facebook notifications ON for the group (when you’re in the Gutsy Glorious Life Coach group page, you’ll see “notifications” in the top right corner. Make sure “All Posts” has a check mark beside it.

The reason this is important is so that you don’t miss any of the amazing and invaluable content that gets posted in the group by your fellow coaches every day.

Mondays are our weekly accountability check-in day: we want to make sure you stay on track with your business goals. 

Tuesdays are what we call TIPPY TUESDAYS, where coaches share a tip or ask for a tip. There’s GOLD to be found on Tuesdays. 

Wednesdays are BLOG DAYS. It’s an amazing incentive to get you on a roll when it comes to blogging on a regular basis (or podcasting, if that’s your jam). 

the business of being a life coachThursdays are days I like to post interesting content to inspire you to grow your business. But you never really know what’s going to happen on Thursdays. I LOVE THURSDAYS! 

Fridays are for FLAUNTING. Flaunt-It Friday is a chance for all of us to share ANYTHING that we’re excited about, no matter how small or big. Anything goes. New website? New baby? New recipe? New award? New book? New mind shift? Bring it! We want to hear all about it so we can cheer you on. 

Most importantly, no matter what the day, if you need help or support from the group, ask for it. This gutsy tribe is the kindest, most generous group of women you will ever meet. I love them and you will too, I’m certain. 

STEP 2: Introduce Yourself… Even if you’ve been in the group for some time, and you have never officially introduced yourself, now would be a good time! (Please use the following structure). ==================

** What niche market are you in? (If you don’t know yet, that’s ok!)

** What’s the ONE thing you need help with immediately in order to take your coaching business up a notch?

STEP 3: Tell us where you’re at in your business by choosing one of the “levels” below; this will help you (and the group) help you focus on what your single biggest priority should be.
mind body business freedom==================

:::LEVEL 1: I haven’t got my business set-up completed. There are “46 STEPS” when it comes to having everything in place. PRIORITY: Get a free copy of the checklist HERE and consider joining the Mind-Body-Business Freedom Mastermind.

:::LEVEL 2: “I haven’t chosen my niche (target market yet), and/or I’m not sure where to start.” PRIORITY: Listen to this episode of Gutsy Glorious Radio… or take the NAIL YOUR NICHE QUIZ… this baby is an eye-opener.

:::LEVEL 3: “I’ve chosen my market, but I’m not sure what to offer my customers OR I don’t have a list and/or a product yet.” PRIORITY: Ask for help in the group. We have so many experienced coaches in there. Also, make sure you read GUTSY GLORIOUS LIFE COACH, available on Amazon. It’s a must-read for coaches who want to become business women (there’s a big difference).

:::LEVEL 4: “I have a product and a list, but I’m feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and stuck. PRIORITY: Join a mastermind just for coaches (one that doesn’t cost thousands, or even hundred of dollars (like this one:

It’s so important to identify where you’re at in your business. It’s also important to know that there’s a big difference between having a coaching PRACTICE and having a coaching BUSINESS. I write about that here:

So, head on back to Gutsy Glorious Life Coach on Facebook and please introduce yourself… you are a valuable addition to this group.

Lin Eleoff
Chief “Gutsy”