How to Step Up (Step 1)

STEP upToday, pick one person (no, not one of your kids! that’s too easy)… someone who means the world to you but hasn’t “heard” it from you in a while. It may be someone you live with. Someone who matters to you but you’re feeling a little distant because they aren’t “behaving” the way you want them to (don’t you just hate that?)

Take FIVE WHOLE MINUTES to tell them why they mean so much to you. Don’t bring up anything negative… not one thing. Just remind them (and YOURSELF) why it’s so important for you to stay connected and that you love them and wish nothing but the best for them and for your relationship. Yes, it may be hard to do. Whatever… it needs to be said. That person needs to hear that they matter. (Because chances are, they don’t believe they do.)

You and I… all of us… we need to STEP UP and let people know how much they matter. Because when they believe they don’t, all hell breaks loose and things fall apart. It doesn’t matter if they can’t say it back to you.

You are the one who says she’s ready to step UP.

You are the one who is committed to changing the world, no matter what anyone else does.

Step up. This is YOUR time.

Oh, and by the way, YOU MATTER TO ME.

Lin xo


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