Did You Know That Most Coaching Businesses FAIL Because They Either Have The WRONG Niche... Or NO Niche At All?

  • If your list isn't growing steadily...
  • If your client calendar is wide open...
  • If you've tried everything under the sun to attract people to your website...  
  • And still, nada? 
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"Having the wrong niche will kill your coaching business.
The only thing worse is having no niche at all." 

Hi, I'm Lin Eleoff and I help coaches launch their businesses using a proven system
that starts with identifying a target market that's filled with dream clients
 that you're excited to work with each and every day.  

targeting your niche for coaches

"Dominate Your Target Market And Save The World!"

Admit it, wouldn't you just love to save the world? Hey, we're coaches after all. We have big dreams of making the world a better place by helping Everyone and Everybody feel better.

The problem with Everyone and Everybody is that they don't all have the same problem. And since they're only willing to give you 6 whole seconds of their time when they come to your website, if your message is unclear, they're gone. Like that!

The only way to save the world is to solve one particular problem for one particular group of people at a time.

And here's what happens once you've identified a group of people you can help: Your calendar practically fills itself and you feel like you solved the famous "MIT Time-Lock Puzzle" (one of the unbreakable codes of our time).  



When I first started my online coaching business, all I wanted was to "help everyone." The last thing I wanted was to leave anyone behind. I was determined to offer my legal and coaching services to all online entrepreneurs, i.e., all of the online entrepreneurs that were living and breathing on the entire planet.  

I attracted exactly NONE of the online entrepreneurs on the planet. (OK, there were a few, but not enough to sustain a profitable business long term.)

Mistake made? This was the one time in my life when I should not have been thinking big

Lesson learned? Just because I think something is a good idea doesn't mean it's actually a good idea. I hadn't done my homework. Which is why... 

It turned out to be a marketing nightmare.

I didn't know whether to write a blog post or make a sandwich. I was all over the place.

Not knowing exactly who I was "talking" to made it very difficult to write copy. Was I trying to reach the owners of multi-million-dollar online companies? No... they would have a legal team of their own. Should I be marketing myself to small business owners? What about start-ups? What type of businesses... product-based businesses or service providers?  

As you can probably tell by now, I had exposed myself to such a broad market that it would be impossible to reach them all, unless I had millions of dollars to spend on marketing to them all, and even then there was no guarantee that would work.

Here's what it looks like when you try to help everyone:

Your website has no clear message, which means people don't bother to stick around. Your content is all over the map because the people you're trying to serve are literally all over the map. Not only do people not buy your products and services, they don't even sign up for your free stuff.

You then pull your hair out trying to figure out why "it's not working," and even that doesn't work.

It was back to the proverbial drawing board. I was determined to figure out a way to "crack the code" and identify a niche market that I could serve in a way that made me excited to go to work every day. One thing I always knew for sure: it had to be exciting!

I decided I wanted to work with coaches. And not just any coaches... Anthony Robbins is a coach but he and other coaches like him most certainly had a team of lawyers, right? Besides, I knew in my heart that I never wanted to be that kind of lawyer, i.e., on staff or on retainer.

I wanted to work with coaches who were ready for a different kind of lawyer, and having a virtual law office certainly made me a different kind of lawyer... the kind that wasn't chasing the almighty "billable hour." 

I went into research mode (just like I was trained to do in law school). I talked to hundreds of coaches. I studied dozens of websites to see how successful online entrepreneurs were positioning themselves in the marketplace. 

Through it all I read dozens and dozens of books and articles and listened to millions of podcasts (slight exaggeration there). Ultimately I learned some valuable information, which I catalogued in a spreadsheet.

Without realizing it, I had created a formula for how to nail a niche.

My formula helped me determine that I really really wanted to work with coaches who were just starting their online businesses and worried about the legal aspects of running a business but had no idea what they needed to do. They also didn't want to spend the bulk of their start-up budget on hiring a lawyer. They were gutsy-ass women who were determined to leave their mark on the world.

Aha! There it was. 

No longer was I all over the map. I knew exactly what to do for the people I wanted to serve. I created a website that spoke directly to women coaches. I created services that they needed, but, best of all, I created a product that they wanted: I called it my "DIY Legal Toolkit" and it was a joy to create, easy to market, and it was made exactly for a targeted group of women coaches who were willing to do a lot of the legal leg-work themselves.

But wait... the story isn't over. 

Once I had figured out how to nail my target market I realized that I could teach coaches the exact formula I had discovered... coaches that I knew were struggling to get their businesses up and running and were caught up in a self-reinforcing cycle of overwhelm and procrastination.

I went back to work, researching what the problem was, where coaches were getting tripped up, and I learned this: It's not enough to simply be told, "You have to have a niche." There had to be a process.

I refined and consolidated my findings. I talked to more coaches and asked them what they really needed.  Unequivocally, the answer was: "A systematic, step-by-step approach to identifying a niche I can actually get excited about."  

Exactly WHY Is It So Important To NAIL Your Niche?

  • It makes life easier. Seriously. 
    You know those days when you just don't know what to write about, whether it's a blog post or your weekly newsletter? Well, you won't have those anymore because you'll know exactly what your ideal dream clients want you to write about. Your content will practically write itself. You'll also be able to create products and services that your clients and customers will clamor for.
    Clamor, I tell you.
  • It reduces overwhelm. Not kidding.
    This is a biggie: When you don't know who your audience is you end up spinning in circles (while biting your nails and stomping your feet). That's because you keep trying different things but none of them seems to stick. The result? Procrastination. And orange crumbs on your face (thanks Doritos). Who knew that having a niche-challenged business could feel so... blech. But when you know the problem you're solving and exactly who you're solving it for, overwhelm goes bye bye. You wake up every morning excited to go to work. Excited, I tell you.
  • It saves you time and money. Yes!
    If you make "Everyone" your target audience you will have to spend every working hour of your life chasing Everyone AND you'll have to spend a lot of money (hundreds of thousands) in advertising trying to get your message across to Everyone and then hope like crazy it works. But when you know who your audience is and where they hang out, it's so much easier (and less expensive) to let people know how you can help them. Marketing your business actually become fun. Fun, I tell you.

My Formula For Nailing Your Niche Is Crazy Good... And It Works!

(If I do say so myself, because I used it on myself, and it worked like crazy. And other coaches have tried it. And it worked for them, too. See below.)

A goal (to build a successful coaching business) without a plan (and a strategy to execute the plan) requires magic, wizardry, and other supernatural powers we just don't have. 

My formula is the gateway to executing a plan to achieve the goal of building your dream business.

Remember that dream? To become a coach and fulfill a purpose to serve a greater good. To become your own boss and enjoy the freedom that was supposed to come with that. To do what you love to do AND make money doing it so that you could take the whole family on a dream vacation. 

Launching a coaching business starts with ​identifying a laser-focused target market.

The problem is, no one really tells you how to do that. You've heard it said many times, "You have to have a niche," but you don't really understand why that's important (in fact, it sounds counterintuitive, doesn't it?) or what to do after you identify your audience and the problem they need you to fix. Oh, and, what the heck is a niche, really?



Finally... A Formula To Help You Identify (And Dominate) Your Target Market While Attracting Clients You Love To Work With

  1. Learn why most coaches think they have a niche but, in reality, they're not even close to having identified a profitable target market. 
  2. Understand the importance of positioning yourself as the go-to coach for providing a solution to your clients' problems.
  3. Put an end to Overwhelm and its evil twin, Procrastination. They only show up when you're not clear about who your target market is and how to serve them. That's why it's so hard to write blog posts and other social media content. 
  4. Learn how to tailor your solution to the specific problem your clients have been struggling with.


John Doe UI/UX Designer

“The NYN Formula works because it brings you clarity."

"There is so much hype about finding a niche, like it is something that is so mysterious, but Lin lays it out in such a way that it makes sense and seems easy from the start.

To anyone who wonders what the hell they are doing, or wonders what they love to do, or wonders what makes them come alive, Lin’s NYN Formula works because it brings you clarity."

Janet Archer
- Coach For Adult Children Of Parents With Dementia

“The kind of clarity I wanted and needed...”

"Nail Your Niche is a fun and practical way to address a "build your business" exercise (who's your ideal client?) that I have done many times, yet never got the kind of clarity I wanted and needed.

Lin taught me that the more specific I got, the clearer my communication would be, and she's right. Since nailing my niche, my ability to communicate what I do (and why) has gotten easier and it comes much more naturally to me."

Karen C. L. Anderson 
- Coach For Daughters With Difficult Mothers
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“5 Stars!”

"NYN is very clear and user friendly for the beginner coach. Everything you need to nail that niche is spelled out in a one-two-three step process.

I especially loved how Lin's "businesslike meets sassy" voice comes through in every word, making it really fun to read, as well as being informative and helpful."

Diann Wingert
- Midlife Reinvention Coach For Women Over 50


Coach, it's time to get off the hamster wheel and take action. No more thinking... let's get nailing. Nail Your Niche is the answer to ending the endless cycle of overwhelm, procrastination, and "Doritos Therapy."

You'll have the NYN Formula ​delivered straight to your inbox in a matter of minutes so that you can start "niching it down" and building your client list UP.  

Nail the formula and just watch what happens to your business!​

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What's In The "Box"?

a proven formula for identifying your target market
  • A framework that sheds a whole new light on what it means to market your coaching services in a way that feels authentically you!
  • A formula that breaks down the most important components of niche marketing in a way that finally makes sense;
  • A step-by-step and easy-to-follow guidebook to walk you through the NYN Formula so that you can establish your authority in a target market you choose you dominate;
  • Worksheets and checklists that make the exercises fun to do while providing profound insights into your coaching business, your business "style," and the "persona" of clients you are meant to serve.
  • Clear instructions on how to craft your marketing copy so that each of your website's pages clearly describe what you do in a way that leaves readers wanting to know more.

BONUS! NAIL YOUR OPT-IN: Everything you need to know about creating an irresistible free offer to entice your prospective clients to join your list.

Frequently Asked Qs...

What is a niche exactly (and why do I have to have one)?

I just started coaching. Shouldn't I be coaching everyone I can? (I don't want to turn people away!)

What if I hate marketing and sales? (I do hate marketing and sales.)

What if I can't make up my mind about who I want to coach? (Because I haven't been able to make up my mind after all this time... it changes all the time! Help.)

What if someone is already doing what I want to do?

Is this going to be another giant (expensive) course that's going to get filed away and forgotten? Because I just don't have the time! 

Let's Nail This, Coach! Hit That Button. 

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targeting your niche for coaches
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About the Creator of Nail Your Niche

Internet business lawyer and a "coach's coach," Lin Eleoff teaches you how to build an online business from scratch. 

Author of "Gutsy Glorious Life Coach" (available on Amazon) and creator of the "DIY Legal Toolkit," Lin is dedicated to helping women succeed in the coaching world.