How To Save Yourself From “The Land of WTF”

You’ve been there, of course you have. It’s called The Land of WTF and it’s a bugger!

Think of The Land of WTF as a rite of passage for every human being who thought starting a business would be a great idea!

why the bleep can't I lose weightIn reality, it can be more like hell on earth.

It sends you deep into its abyss and rolls you around in the emotional hot mess it creates.

Ever been there?

We usually don’t know we’re in The Land of WTF until we’re in it, up to here!

How does it happen that we set out with the best of intentions to take care of ourselves, our families, our businesses, and then WHAM! we find ourselves deep in the eye-burning, tantrum-inducing, LoWTF?

So. Not. Fun.

When you’re in it, it feels like a giant, breath-sucking sandstorm. You might even think, “If I keep my wits about me I can outrun this thing.” 

Um… don’t even think about it.

Once you’re in the Land of WTF all you can do is wait for it to pass through you. And then learn from it.

But you have to be able to recognize it first.

The Land of WTF is a feeling.

Learn to recognize that feeling and you’ll soon be able to slice, dice, and kick it in the pants faster than you can say, “Help me, I’m melt-inggggggg.” 

welcome to the land of wtfJust knowing that the Land of WTF shows up from time to time (and that it’s normal, because you’re human!) may even be enough to defuse it. Crazy how that works.

When you do find yourself in the hot mess of a LoWTF sandstorm, don’t fight it. It’s futile. Instead, take cover; find a quiet place and calm your weary mind with these words…

It’s okay. This storm will pass. 

I just need to slow down a bit until the wind subsides. 

I will see clearly again.

I’m just going to breathe. Maybe I’ll go play tennis. Or knit a scarf. Or make some fancy little finger sandwiches for my best friend. Or myself.

The point is, you can’t fight your way out of a LoWTF sandstorm once it starts rolling through because fighting it is like emotional kindling.

If you let it, The Land of WTF will just ramp up your emotions.

When you’re wrapped up in an emotional sandstorm you can’t think clearly, so don’t even try. The only thing you can do is ride out the storm by not thinking (admittedly, not an easy feat).

When you’re feeling less emotional (which you’ll know by your ability to actually think without ramping yourself up all over again), see if you can access your Wise Mind because it always  knows what to do.

Then… analyze what happened, take responsibility, and take preemptive measures so that you’re not triggered into another similar sandstorm in the future.

Slow down. Re-group. Re-think.

This isn’t anything you can’t handle (unless you keep telling yourself  you can’t handle it).

Of course you can handle it. And (here’s my favorite part), you can figure out what to do about it. 

Woman UP, Girlfriend.

in love and guts,

Lin E xo

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