lin eleoff velocity sessionsLooks like you’re ready to Woman UP. 

(That makes you a rare breed of woman and I’m not even kidding.)

Most people, men and women, don’t have the GUTS to take full responsibility for creating a life that is completely and utterly fulfilling. But what if that is the One True Purpose we all share: to live UP?

You’re exactly the kind of woman I choose to work with. That’s because I am committed to surrounding myself with women who are gutsy, gritty, and full of grace;

Women who understand that just because something may be hard doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done;

Women who are willing to get back up more times than they fall down;

Women who want to dream and be and laugh and play and work and love with a certain grace and elegance and kindness and compassion for themselves.  

If this is you, then please sign up for a Velocity Session so that, together, we can take a deep dive into your life and make it regret-proof, i.e., we design your gutsy glorious (excuse-free)  life, taking into account all the things that light you up.

What have you been longing for? Let’s make that happen, OK?

Here’s how it works:

  1. You CLICK HERE to get the process started;
  2. You choose a date on my calendar that also fits into your calendar;
  3. We hop on the phone for 75 minutes where I ask you questions, you give me answers, I tell you to dig a little deeper for those answers, you think harder than you thought possible, magic happens. 
  4. I give you some things to think about while I create a mini blueprint outlining the steps you’ll need to take in order to Woman UP and regret-proof your gutsy glorious life.
  5. It all happens at the speed of badass.