what is a marketing funnel

How’s your marketing funnel, Coach?

If just hearing the words marketing funnel makes you break out in hives, all the more reason to pay attention (or close up shop, which would be so sad… so pay attention).

Hot off Episode 41 of the MIND BODY BUSINESS FREEDOM PODCAST, where we talked about how every page on your website needs to have a “job” so it can work for you (be sure to listen to it), today we’re talking about what that job is.

As a coach you’re in business to make money, right? Yes, I know, you don’t want to make it about the money, but if you want to be “in business” you need to make money or… you won’t have a business, you’ll have a hobby. (There is nothing wrong with having a hobby, just be sure you know the difference.)

Your marketing funnel is a process that turns prospective clients into paying clients. Put another way, it’s what visitors to your website experience based on the steps in your funnel.

Without a marketing funnel you’re going to have to rely on “hope marketing” and that can be exhausting and expensive.

mind body business freedomShow Notes and Links

  • Why it’s called a “funnel”
  • “Conversions” and why they’re so important
  • Why you need an email series, a.k.a., an “autoresponder series”
  • What you need to have at the bottom of every blog post
  • Gutsy Glorious Life Coach
  • Here’s an example of a page that is “working” for the website. This is step 1 in the marketing funnel for my “DIY legal” website: CoverYourAssetsOnline.com

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