How many times have you heard this... "If you want to to succeed as a coach you have to take massive action." But think about it, if that were true then every coach who takes massive action would have an endless stream of clients and profits.

But that isn't the case. More often, massive action leads to massive dread!

So what's really going on?

First of all, I realize you've had it up to HERE with being told you have to "grind it out." 

You're DONE with the suck-it-up-and-just-do-it approach to building your business.  

And you're TIRED of coaching for free. 

So, what's a coach to do?

3 words my friend: GUTS, GRIT, and GRACE... the only ingredients you will ever need when it comes to attracting more clients & generating consistent profits.


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This site is for women who are done with chasing perfection and who are ready for a little disruption in their lives. Words like "status quo" and "conformity" give us a rash. We love making a mess - the kind that brings out all the creativity we've been hiding because we're afraid of what "They" might say. If you've ever cooked a Thanksgiving turkey upside down (like me), secretly wished you could have a hidden luxury tree house to escape to (like me), or if you've ever said something horribly embarrassing in front of a crowd and wished you could be sucked into a Sedona spiritual vortex (like me), you are my kind of woman. If you're looking for recipes, gardening tips, or help solving the Wason Four-Card problem, you won't find that here. Instead you're likely to find lots of opinion, hyperbole, and straight-talk, along with the occasional knock-knock joke. This website is powered by GUTS, fueled by GRIT, and fortified with GRACE. Proceed with reckless abandon and feel free to run wild, break things, and above all else, make a mess. One last thing: TALK is cheap, EXCUSES are boring and REGRET always leaves a very bad taste in your mouth.  And if you're still reading this, I love you. Now, let's make goosebumps together. 

Lin E xo

Hey there, Lin Eleoff here, and I want to tell you why you need to be hanging out with me more often, especially if you're a woman looking for that mind-body-business connection. 

With 10 years experience in the coaching industry, as well as my background as an internet lawyer and television news anchor/reporter  - not to mention the books I've written - I am uniquely qualified to show you how to live a gutsy glorious life doing what lights you UP.    

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