15. Jen Louden on Self Care and Self Trust


“The secret to owning our power and our wisdom is through the body, not the mind.” ~ Jen Louden

Jen LoudenIf anyone could call themselves a teacher you’d think it would be Jen Louden. Jen’s pretty much considered an authority on the topic of Self Care, ever since The Woman’s Comfort Book was published over twenty years ago.

Since that first bestseller Jen has published five more books, appeared on Oprah (where she says she sold herself out), traveled the world, and now embraces the fact that she is a teacher… “someone who walks the path with you.”

Jen believes each of us has a secret power, which is to continue to be a student… no matter how good a teacher you may become.

Also in this episode we talk about: 

  • Why we need friends, coaches, and mentors.
  • How changing your narrative can save you from feeling shame.
  • How to use language to own your ideas.
  • How Jen learned to trust herself and her choices.

Show notes and resources: 



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The Woman’s Comfort Book

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