marketing selling semantics

Do you “HATE” selling?

Now, that’s no way to think about your business.

After all, what is a business if it isn’t selling?

In Episode 42 we talked about the importance of a marketing funnel.

This week I want to get into the nitty gritty of selling and the mindset shift you need to make in order to make money. That is a big part of why you’re doing this, right?

You are not a “used-car salesman,” saying whatever it takes to make the sale.

So, who are you? Be that coach who so believes in what she has to offer that selling simply becomes a conversation about the client and how you can help.

As you’ll hear in the podcast, I have a pet peeve when people say they “hate” selling and use semantics to flower it up and “invent” something that is still selling.

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